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Tap Your Way to Easy Grocery Shopping
16th Nov 2015

PepperTap aims to be the fastest on-demand grocery delivery service in India that provides convenience, on-time and on-demand delivery to its patrons, along with superlative services and hand-picked products.


For a nation which has always purchased its groceries from the local kirana store, shopping for them online can be a pretty challenging concept to grasp. The mandate was to help people realize the ease of shopping on PepperTap using its app.

PepperTap Needed
Our Strategy
Brand Awareness

Faux Skip Ad Button

Video Promotion

Twitter Contest


THE WORLD’S FIRST FAUX SKIP BUTTON – a truly groundbreaking digital innovation flagged off the campaign. On YouTube, a dummy Skip Ad button was placed below the PepperTap ad. The idea was – something that we think is very easy – skipping ads – is actually Bahut Mushkil (very difficult).

Users, when they tried to click on the Skip Ad button were obviously not able to skip the commercial. After five seconds the ‘Skip Ad’ button actually became active with the message Bahut Aasaan Hai. 

With this campaign, we successfully established the thought that nothing in this world is as easy as it looks, but shopping on PepperTap is really Bahut Aasaan Hai. The campaign received rave reviews from the advertising fraternity and instantly clicked with the target audience.

Taking the trend forward on Twitter was a contest around various ads shot of the brand. The contest was promoted on Twitter through a very select group of Influencers, who answered, tweeted, retweeted and encouraged their followers to make the hashtag go viral.

Young netizens were quick to pick up on #BahutAasaanhai and shared funny answers and quips helping the campaign trend on Twitter.


On YouTube the results were really impressive. Usually on non skip-able ads, only 55% of viewers watch the entire ad, but by adding the faux-skip ad button, the PepperTap ad had over 66% viewers watch the complete ad.

From the time, the contest was launched the hashtag started trending within 30 minutes and stayed as the top trending hashtag for over six hours. The contest generated over 11,000 tweets within one day and received over 72 million impressions within 24 hours.