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Batman vs Superman
The Ultimate Online Faceoff
25th March 2016

NEXA is the premium channel that sells luxury models from Suzuki. At NEXA, two models have already been launched by now. S-Cross, which is the first premium crossover of India, and Baleno, a premium hatchback. Since it was established, NEXA has been very popular among the luxury car loving segment of the society.


MarutiNexa being the official sponsors of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Batman vs Superman’ in India, wanted to promote Maruti Baleno through the hype created by the movie. To promote the association of one of coolest cars of the year with one of the coolest movies of the season, #BalenoFaceOff campaign was launched.

Nexa Needed
Our Strategy
Channel Awareness

On Ground Activation

Postive Wave

Influencer Based Twitter Campaign


The idea took shape with two Maruti Baleno cars, representing the two super heroes ‘facing’ off against each other. With the logos of the two superheroes prominently displayed on their bonnets, the cars drove around the city and met each other at pre-decided destinations for the Face-off.

The idea perfectly captured the spirit of the film, and this translated into hordes of excited fans, coming together to interact with their favorite superhero cars.

In the first phase of the campaign, fans were asked to spot either of these two cars, click a picture and share it with Maruti Nexa’s Twitter Handle @NexaExperience using the hashtag #BalenoFaceOff to become eligible for some really exciting prizes. Our influncers played a crucial role in this stage. They clicked loads of pictures of the two cars and submitted them using the correct hashtag.

In the second phase the two superheroes themed Balenos faced off against each other.With a variety of activities, contests and photo-opps, the face-offs became a hot zone for the fans to get up close and personal with Baleno. Given the fact, there were free movie tickets and Shopper Stop gift vouchers on offer just fueled the excitement.

On Twitter, our influencers again took charge, and tweeted about the Face-off; shared selfies with their favorite superhero cars and encouraged their followers on Twitter to promote the campaign.


Predictably, it was Batman and the bat-themed grey Baleno that dominated the social mentions. Superman put up a heroic fight and came pretty close, but still fell short with 400 mentions. This short blitzkrieg campaign achieved some really impressive numbers. It generated close to 7000 thousand conversations, and generated close to 6 million impressions. The total reach of the campaign was 4,732,681.