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Celebrity Engagement
Celebrity Endorsement can boost your brand!
Consumer trust
59% of the people are influenced by a celebrity to purchase items of a certain brand. It clearly means that a popular face can boost the sales of a brand! (The Wall Blog)
Influencing move
24% of the people between the age group of 16 to 24 are influenced by celebrities promoting a brand on social media. (Statista)
4-10% Sales rise
It has been observed that the sales of a brand increase by 4-10% as soon as a celebrity endorsement is released.
Celebrity outreach, often termed as celebrity endorsement, has become a fail-proof method to promote a brand or a particular product. However, getting celebrity endorsement for a brand is not an easy task. Here celebrity outreach agency comes into the picture. BlogWeet can help you in getting best celebrity endorsements. We can create an effective celebrity outreach program to increase your sales and brand awareness.
How We do it?
Discussing the Budget & TG
The most vital part of a celebrity endorsement program is deciding the target audience of the brand. Another consideration is the budget of the company. It's only after having complete awareness of both that we move ahead and pick the right celebrity that suits the brand personality.
Finding the Right Celebrity
Celebrities often have the fan base of a particular age group. For instance, a sportsperson or athlete is popular among the teenagers while a veteran actor may be popular among the middle-aged people. Depending upon the product or the brand, we pick the celebrity who has the largest fan base (and hence, influence) amongst the target audience.
Creating a Strategy
Once we find the right celebrity for a brand, we make an effective plan for getting brand endorsements from the celebrity. Endorsements may be delivered in the form of tweets, facebook posts or on other social platforms. We ensure we get the exact thing delivered by the celebrity as expected by the brand.
Delivery of the Endorsements
Blogweet ensures that the brand endorsement in the desired format is delivered by the celebrity. We keep in touch throughout the campaign to see to it that the celebrity outreach program progresses within time. Also, we keep a track of the celebrity engagement activities for the brand with our proprietary tools.