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Facebook Influencer
INDIA HAS125,000,000+facebook users
why facebook?
The facts below will let you decide!
Facebook has 125 million users in India
In terms of number of users, Facebook is the king. It's the best platform to generate buzz and engage with your customers! (First Post)
51% of the total internet users in India log in to Facebook daily
Facebook provides the best opportunity to reach your target audience and generate sales. (Live Mint)
2 hrs 52 mins are spent on Facebook daily
Executing Facebook strategy wisely gives you a chance to reach the maximum number of users. (Business Insider)
Only 2% of the posts on a brand page reach the followers. Blogweet offers a dynamic strategy that helps you get your word among the masses. Unlike Twitter, Facebook gives its users a larger canvas to present their ideas. Therefore, Facebook influencer marketing can influence a wider audience more effectively than Twitter. Blogweet enables Facebook influencer campaigns in such a personalized way that it looks like an organic user appreciation. Trust us, all you need for your Facebook campaigns here on is Blogweet!
How we do it?
Understand your Brief & TG
Blogweet starts its work by having a complete idea of the desired outcome. With the knowledge of the exact motives of a Facebook campaign, we can create custom audience on Facebook which helps you reach your target audience with user generated content.
Select the Right Influencer,
Matching your TG
Based on your needs and the goal of the campaign, we pick our Facebook influencers. Our extensively advanced filter brings out the best of the Facebook influencers based on their location, interest areas, gender and age group. Moreover, we also help you optimize media by creating a look-alike audience.
Create a Campaign Strategy
An engaging plan is necessary for a Facebook campaign since there are a lot of users who can be hooked on. Creating such a plan ensures reach and positive buzz resulting in engagement.
Execute the Same
Our Facebook campaigns are executed at different levels. We start with small Facebook influencer activities to create awareness about the brand which gradually transform into a campaign. The entire campaign is supervised by our experts to ensure we deliver the desired results.