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instagram Influencer
why instagram?
Instagram has redefined the concept of marketing! See the numbers.
Catch the eyeballs
35% of the users check Instagram multiple times a day. While 70% of the Instagram users check it at least once a day. (Buzz Feed)
Engage them more
70% of Instagrammers participate in competitions very actively. In India, 53% of the users on Instagram are between 18-29 years of age. It makes Instagram a viable platform to promote brands offering youth products. (Live Mint)
Influencing the purchase
Over 50% of Indian Instagrammers have purchased products or services from the brands they follow. (Live Mint)
Instagram has revolutionized the world of social networking. It is a widely popular platform to share photos and is growing at a rate of 212% - the highest among any social media platform. Instagrammers follow different brands to keep themselves updated with the latest items and offers. This provides the brands with a huge opportunity to promote their products through Instagram campaigns. With an effective strategy and right selection of influencers, an Instagram campaign can boost product awareness and sales for any brand.
How we do it?
TG and Campaign Motive
The best Instagram campaigns can drive traffic, consumer engagement, and promote sales for a brand. To best utilize the Instagram influencer programs, we begin by understanding the campaign expectations and the target audience. On Instagram, the influencer activities are run mostly to showcase the products, engage users with the brand and strengthen the social media presence of the company.
Picking up the Perfect Influencers
Instagram influencers are selected on the basis of their following and creativity at writing captions. Blogweet, being an Instagram influencer marketing agency, has the base of popular Instagram influencers in India who have expertise in a wide range of interest areas. Every influencer is chosen with careful consideration so as to create a buzz around a brand.
The Campaign Strategy
Instagram influencer marketing platform is not about boasting the brand in a regular mundane way. One has to be very smart to use these influencers who are heard and looked forward to set trends. Our strategy includes handpicking a team that suits your brand and campaign objective and coming up with influencing photos and trending hashtags.
Running the Campaign
After creating a strategy, we tell our insta-influencers about the activities to be done, which involves posting product photos, selfies with the products, using brand hashtags etc. To ensure the campaign runs successfully, our social media marketing experts keep a keen eye on the entire campaign.