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Who is an in-flu-ence-r
Influencers are people who are active on social media and blogs.
They also are brand advocates and niche promoters.
Why Invest in in-flu-ence-r marketing?
Influencer marketing increases brand engagement, induces loyalty and generates sales.
People trust recommendations from people not known to them over branded content
People trust reviews and testimonials and base their purchase decision on these
People use social forums and Q&A sites to discover new products
Discover new brands and unique products through social conversations
Women internet users follow blogs of experts and trust their recommendations
What Makes in-flu-ence-r Marketing Rock?
An Influencer is like a mutual friend connecting your brand with your target consumers.
  • brand awareness

    Influencers with a wide social network can dramatically increase brand awareness. With a single high-impact influencer campaign, you can easily quadruple your brand’s digital reach.

    Brand Awareness - Blogweet
    Brand awareness
  • Social Following

    Through influencer marketing, you can exponentially increase the social following of your brand and accelerate your social media presence – without breaking the bank on media buying.

    Social Following - Blogweet
    social following
  • sales

    This exposes your brands to millions of paying customers, thereby guaranteeing increase in your sales.

    Sales Influencer - Blogweet
  • trust

    Through personalized reviews, in-depth blogs, positive comments and Q&A threads – a well-directed influencer campaign can help people find 'trustworthy' content.

    Trust - Blogweet
  • UGC

    User generated content is a great indicator of a brand’s social presence. Through contests and campaigns driven by influencers, thousands of people can be inspired to create and share content promoting your brand.

    User Generated Content - Blogweet
  • Vloggers

    Be it video reviews, unboxing videos or cool social experiments – Vloggers (video bloggers) can help your brand go viral, reach millions of people at a fraction of what you’d have spent on traditional media.

    vlogger Activity - Blogweet
  • SEO Authority

    Influencer campaigns lead to the generation of thousands of high-quality backlinks. This directly impacts your SEO thereby helping you rapidly climb the search ladder on competitive keywords.

    SEO Authority - Blogweet
    SEO Authority
  • New Users

    Expose your brand to thousands of new users without spending a fortune on ads. A well-directed influencer campaign can inspire scores of people to engage with your brand and become loyal followers.

    New User in Influencer Campaigns
    New Users
can improve your ROI
up to 3X to 10X

Blogweet is home to the leading influencers from all social platforms - facebook, twitter, blogger and others. It makes Blogweet the best platform for influencer marketing campaigns! Many leading brands trust our services.

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